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A Case in Point text logo against a SciFi background. Earth and Mars hang side by side in space.

Frank Kincaid is not a happy man. He's not even the real Frank Kincaid. Having copied himself into the body of a ten-year-old to collect on a lucrative bounty, the original “him” has run off with the cash. Kincaid 2.0 is left stranded on Mars with no money, some newly acquired enemies, and a head full of edited memories and personality algorithms. Worse still, no one wants to serve him alcohol and he gets funny looks every time he lights a cigar.


Now someone is trying to kill him. Is it the crime boss he took out, back from the dead? Libyan Intelligence, who arranged the hit? Or, most worryingly of all, is he trying to kill himself? With only his friend and tentacle monster Maddox to help, Kincaid must solve the mystery before his own body count and rising insurance premiums combine to literally price him out of existence.

The Electropop Appreciation Society is my forthcoming debut novel. Preview chapter here.



Appreciation Society

"I call it the Octobot.”

As names went, it did not do the contraption justice. Despite the tentacles, it didn’t look much like an octopus at all. Far too many limbs, for one thing, but more importantly, there was no visible central mass connecting it all. No eyes, either human or cephalopod, no nose, nothing resembling a mouth or beak. It was hard to see how or where the appendages attached because there were so many of them, all wrapped around each other. It was like staring into a mound of bait.

“I hope it’s not too over the top?” Maddox asked in sudden doubt.

Book cover, Harvey Duckman Presents, Volume 5.
Book cover, Harvey Duckman Presents, Volume 4.
Book cover, Adventures in Time and Space, Volume 2.
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